Happy Birthdays

My friend was staying with us over her birthday this year so the hubs and I planned a fun birthday surprise 😊
While she was out we took 45 balloons and attached pictures to the bottoms of each one. On the back of each picture was a note with an inside joke, a reason why we love her, or a funny saying a group of us share.

A Hoppy Day

Leesy's great-grandmother made her the cutest frog carrier, cap and boots so I just HAD to share!
Here's the little cap
and Leesy even provided a little smirk for the camera
Here she is in the carrier
This would be Bper showing off the lovely
matching scarf for me and the cute little
booties (which he stole from Leesy before
I could snap the picture).

Valentine's Day Mini Garlands

One of my favorite holidays is Valentine's day so it
 only seems right to have some fun decorating for it ;)
My sister passed along this post from another blog, Whisker Graphics for some mini Valentine's garlands. Whisker Graphics even included the template making it impossible to resist making them. Once you see how cute they are you won't be able to resist either.

Here are the ones I made :)

I cut out all the cute little letters and hearts
then I decided to cut out some
hearts to put behind each of them
...giving it this look...
I hole-punched both together
instead of gluing anything down
strung it with some cute pink and white yarn
and TA DA!
A fabulous and totally cute V-day garland!
Many thanks to Whisker Graphics
for the fun template and idea

Embellished Skirt

I choose some bright fabric for the
embellishments since this was for my 13 year
old SIL and she has a very bright, funky
personality. I choose a simple thread pattern
for the flowers and petals and sewed them on.
It was as simple as that :)

Embellished Jacket

I wanted to put a little more thought and effort into as many Christmas presents as I was able this year.
Now I only made it to home-making three of them...but that was three more than last year ;)
Here is a jacket I bought and then embellished for my shabby chic sister-in-law.
Step one...Take a plain jacket and spend
three hours playing with different embellishment
ideas before you actually find the one you want to do.
Here it is embellished. I added two-fabric flowers, a wooden
button and two fabric covered pocket flap buttons.
A little more up-close and personal
Just the flowers
These are my favorite part of the jacket hands down...but
I guess that's obvious...though just look at how fabulous
that wooden button looks ;)
-- The Flowers --

'Heart' Prints Cards

With Valentine's Day coming up I started to think about sending some of our family personal little cards from the kids. I love all the different cards using their hand prints especially since grandparents, aunts, etc. can see their growth as they look back and compare them.

The first one I tried was to make a heart using the palms and just
four fingers. It worked cutely, however not everything I was hoping.
I thought this one turned out pretty good and even made
a little rhyme to write around the hands:

Roses are Red, Violets are blue,
Here are ten fingers to the count the ways we love you!
Inside a heart that's meant to say...
You brighten our day like a sunshine ray.
Happy Happy Valentine's Day!
Okay, so the rhyme is cheesy, but it's from the kids and I wrote it on the fly. Cut me a little slack ;)